Thank your very much for visiting our website.
We, Super Auto System, Inc(S.A.S.), is located in Setagaya, Tokyo.
S.A.S. was established in 1988. And we selling European cars for domestic market, especially Italian and French one.
Now, we can provide various kinds of cars in Japanese market( Japanese, European and so on.) for world wide customers.
We would like to make a good business with foreign companies (Especially Euro).
So, we (SAS) have experience about 20 years, it means we have great networks.
Rare car is very common requests for us!
If you have any questions or requests, please contact us with no hesitate.
We are welcome your contacts anytime!

Best wishes!

Shin Ishihara / S.A.S. President

Super Auto System S.r.l.

Director General ,Chief Executive Officer

                                            ISHIHARA SHIN

156-0054 Tokyo-to Setagaya-ku Sakuragaoka 5-44-2-105    
Tel +81 3-5426-2920
Fax +81 3-5426-2921


Ishihara Shin
-Director General-

Born in Tokyo, Graduated at   Shobi Gakuen music university
departement of  acoustic and massmedia
He has worked  in the world of television and music as producer.
1988 year he founded Super Auto System at Setagaya in Tokyo

20 years experience in car business.
Excellent skill for checking cars. It means he can provide you with good conditioned.
(In secret, many company usually ask him about car troubles and so on.)

Aliprandi Marco
-Import Export Coordinator, Sales-

Graduated at University of Venice(Italy) departement of asian language in Japanese language.
When he is student stayed a  long in Japan and now live in Tokyo
He have a long exerience as interpreter of italian-japanese language.He worked for 5 yaers in a japanese jewellery company, and he has collaborated with the culture office of his city(Bassano del grappa) , in Japan has worked in the traduction and import.
By means of his love for cars now he is the import export coordinator for Super Auto System

Miyake Nobukazu
-Sales Maneger-

In charge for trading div.

Experience for trading company for over 10 years.
He likes to visit foreign country. Please make a chance to visit you!

Sakai  Tatsuo
-Maintenance, Wholesaler-

In charge for whole sales div.
He is very powerful person.
His sales is 100 over cars per month!

Please contact him, you can get good chance car